Fulfill our requests for your in-kind (e.g., non-cash) items. All items must be in full, working order and new condition.

Wish List:

Diabetes Related

  • Glucose tablets
  • Ketone strips
  • Juice boxes to treat low blood sugars

Retreat Supplies     

  • Art Supplies (glitter glue, stickers, markers, etc.)    
  • New release DVDs (G to PG-13 rated) for movie nights    
  • White t-shirts (all sizes) for our awesome tie dying activity
  • Bottled water for when the kiddos get thirsty
  • Individual snack bags (chips, pretzels, crackers, etc) for our youth and family events
  • Toys, games and gifts galore! For kid event raffles!      

Items for Fundraisers    

  • Celebrity Items (autographs, costumes used in production)     
  • Theme Park Experiences    
  • Tickets to Sporting Events    
  • Tickets to Entertainment or Cultural Events    
  • Collectibles    
  • Sports Memorabilia    
  • Games, Tools, or other household items    
  • Handmade Crafts and Jewelry    
  • Paintings or Art

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