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PADRE Youth Leaders 2018-2019 Officers

Co-Presidents: Julia Mailman & Carter McCarthy

Vice President: Jabari Hasberry

Secretary: Taylor Jarvis

Historian: Rand Alrajhi

Community Outreach: Bella Brannon

PADRE Youth Leaders

This program was created to empower children with Type 1 diabetes by giving them the opportunity to represent the PADRE Foundation, to provide diabetes education to the community and to raise diabetes awareness. Our Youth Leaders accept the responsibility to represent PADRE in public settings and help steward our mission. This program also offers social opportunities to all members to promote friendships and support of each other.

This is a selected group of teens age 13-18 who are dedicated to the PADRE Foundation and supporting the events and outreach that the organization provides.

The requirements to join the PADRE Youth Leaders are as follows:

  1. 13-18 years old, living with Type 1 diabetes and actively involved with the PADRE Foundation.
  2. Positive outlook on life and diabetes.
  3. Be willing to share his/her personal story about living with Type 1 diabetes.
  4. Must complete (20) twenty hours of participation at scheduled meetings, events, and community outreach.
  5. Commit to the program for (1) one year.
  6. Obtain parental support and permission in writing to be a part of the program.
  7. Arrange transportation to and from these events and responsibilities.

Some of the PADRE Youth Leader responsibilities include performing public relations activities when needed and providing health education to the community through various initiatives. This includes public speaking and presentations to schools, hospitals, companies, and organizations. Additionally, PADRE Youth Leaders attend annual PADRE Foundation events, as well as monthly Youth Leader Meetings at the PADRE Foundation office in Orange.

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