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Looking Back 16 Years Ago: The Pump Girls!

The director at the PADRE camp, discovered something special in the way the girls harmonized, and told her friend about the skit. Her friend just happened to be noted Hollywood record producer and songwriter HB Barnum, who got Rausch, Janelle Munion, Colleen Cottrell and Sara Cronstedt into a Southern California recording studio in January.

The Pump Girls were born!

They can sing, they can dance, and they can do their own carb-counting. They're The Pump Girls, a diabetes singing sensation, and they do "care about you."

Their CD 'We're The Pump Girls' was released in March of last year in a widely-publicized debut held at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Coverage included the four major networks, CNN,
Telemundo and a music program from the United Kingdom.

'We Care About You' was written by their producer, H.B. Barnum, who doesn't have diabetes himself, but knows "too many people" as he says, who have the disease. He wrote the song after discussions with the girls, as an anthem to people with diabetes around the world, all of whom are linked by this common factor - "something inside." It's not as punchy as the girls' signature song 'We're The Pump Girls' but is certainly as moving.

And they do care. The Pump Girls are Colleen Cottrell, Sarah Ann Carey, Brittany Rausch and all have Type 1 diabetes! They cared about bringing the message to the world that diabetes is a big problem - but there are big solutions, too.

And like a lot of the other kids at the PADRE Foundation, they appreciate the difference the organization has made in their lives. From its home base at Children's Hospital of Orange County, the PADRE Foundation provides a wide range of services for children with diabetes. These services include several monthly support groups, education programs and charitable donation programs for children with diabetes and their families. In addition, the PADRE Foundation supports research which is aimed toward improved detection, prevention, and treatment of diabetes in children, and ultimately a cure for type 1 diabetes.

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